About Techsauce


What is Techsauce?

Techsauce is the partnership of two titans in the Thai technology startup industry between Thumbsup, the leading technology media in Thailand and HUBBA, the biggest coworking space network in Thailand. At Thumbsup and HUBBA, we believe that through the combination our different expertise in media, events and community, together we will become a stronger for to drive the Thai startup ecosystem.

Techsauce’s name comes from two words: Tech as in technology, and Sauce which is just like the different type of sauces that Thais use to make our food tastier. Sauce also sounds like Source, which we hope that the TechSauce will be: the go-to source for most reliable, insightful news, analysis and opinion piece on startups in Thailand and Southeast Asia. By combining the two words, Techsauce aims to be the indispensable sauce to make your tech news and articles the most consumable and juicy!